About Us

Why choose Limit Breakers?

We created Limit Breakers Tutoring out of a desire to:

  • Cultivate greatness in young people
  • Empower young people to fulfil their potential
  • Empower young people to have a voice and impact their world positively.

At Limits Breakers Tutoring we offer live classes, distance learning courses including personal, social, health and economics education.

Our programs support all levels of education, from Early Years, Primary, Secondary and beyond. We have designed our courses to help our learners build their confidence, reinforce their learning and to promote a limitless mindset. Try out Limit Breakers Tutoring today.

Our methodology is based on 5 Key principles:

  1. Success: We create SMART goals for our learners to meet their learning targets.
  2. Wisdom: We teach the importance of good time management and the reward in effort.
  3. Discipline: We encourage consistency in attending classes, completing assignments, and the courage to ask questions
  4. Diligence: We cultivate self-worth and respect so our learners recognise that preparation is self-investment.
  5. Sacrifice: We teach our learners that sacrifice is required to get ahead, grow and excel.

Our Team

Adetola Adewunmi
Director of Learning

Adetola has spent the last eight years tutoring mathematics and is one of the founders of Limit Breakers Tutoring.

Mona B
Childcare Provision Director

Mona is a qualified Childcare practitioner with a Level 3 in Special Education Needs (SEN) and Business Management.

Ronke Adebayo

Ronke is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Science Teacher with a completed PGCE in Science.

Sarah Agui

Sarah is a qualified Mathematics teacher with a PGDE Secondary Mathematics at University College London and Financial Mathematics BSc at Loughborough Mathematics.

Sarah Bashorun

Sarah’s specialisms include raising awareness of mental health issues in young people.

Our Academy Partners

Listed below are the companies who have given significant personal and financial support for the for the Limit Buster Summer Program – Through the support of our partners we have been able to provide 6 Scholarships placements for the Limit Buster Summer Program